Bigbang-It is pretty difficult enough to imagine before 14 billions year ago when the universe was existed in a singularity point.

Each and everything are the combination of matters and the matters are combination of atom, still atom are the combination of atomic particles and even atomic particles form from sub atomic particles. When we go on quantum state then there are uncountable particles that exist in the matter, that exist in the formation, that exist in the regulation.

So what was before singularity point?

We cant imagine this as we are not still capable of such vast laws. We are bound by the physics law. We just imagine what we are told and what we see around us and what has been proved.

This questions answer is obviously unsolvable question to mankind that is why there is top level of respect and belief for the god.

I believe this is why the religion birth takes place. According to religion and their sacred holy books.

The god itself is divine and the creator of singularity point he has no birth he has no death he is shapeless he can no anything beyond physics boundary.

Since our brain has limitation in certain thing we are unable to predict and think on some deep topic. What before singularity? Why dark energy and dark matters keep on expanding our universe? Why we are bound by physics law? What the exact universe size? Are there alien?

We have many unsolvable questions till to date. We have reached so much far in the field of science and discovery but still we have got limitation. Even if we get success to reach on speed of light then also we cant reach at the center of milkyway galaxy during our lifespan. Milky way is just a dot of line in comparison to whole universe.

So what before singularity point? I guess we have no answer we can, t image the idea in our brain. It’s beyond our imagination.

After couple of century may be we find the answer. May our mind and technology reaches to extreme level and we may find each and every details regarding universe.

Lets be optimistic. What before singularity? Try to


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