A supercomputer is a powerful computer with an extra high state of execution contrasted with a broadly useful PC. The execution of a supercomputer is normally estimated in coasting point activities every second (FLOPS) rather than million directions for each second.With a pinnacle execution of 200 petaflops, or 200,000 trillion figurings for every second. There is competition of building powerful supercomputer and china stood in first position. Still some of the country lack supercomputer. We will talk about Nepal super computer in this post.

Nepal has as of late introduced the main supercomputer in the nation. The super PC is housed at the IT Park, Banepa.The supercomputer is relied upon to contribute towards another elite processing office for research and instructive purposes in Nepal.


  • 2500 processor cores
  • 8 TB of memory
  • 700 TB plus of storage
  • Total computing capacity equivalent to more than 2000 typical desktop computer

With this office here in Nepal, Kathmandu University hopes to prepare understudies and lead inquire about that require superior processing and information stockpiling, from atmosphere demonstrating, seismic tremor reproductions to restorative imaging and fundamental research. This supercomputer in the IT Park is the fastest supercomputer in South Asia after India.

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