In the list of unanswerable questions limit of universe  falls under top list. We are living in a too small part of universe. We can compare our earth as a single grain of sand and the universe size could be depict as a total numbers of sand grains in the earth.

According to this comparison can we say that universe is limitless ( Infinite Universe) ?

Let’s discuss. We are residing in the planet name Earth. Similarly earth is the member of our solar family. Out of nine planets we live in one which is earth. We already know that earth is not the big mass of our solar system. Other planets becomes superior in terms of size.
The mass of earth is 5.972 × 10^24 kg and its radius is 6,371 km.

What about the solar system size?

Separations in space are so huge, standard meters and kilometers don’t cut it. Space experts utilize an a lot bigger estimation, called the cosmic unit. This is the normal separation from the Earth to the Sun, or around 150 million kilometers.Mercury is just 0.39 galactic units from the Sun, while Jupiter circles at a separation of 5.5 cosmic units. Furthermore, Pluto is a long distance at 39.2 cosmic units.
Which is equivalent of 5.9 billions of kilometers.
On the off chance that you could drive your vehicle at parkway speeds, from the Sun such a distance out to Pluto, it would take you over 6,000 years to finish the path.

Significantly farther, at around 80-200 AU is the end stun. This is where the sun powered winds, voyaging outward at 400 kilometers for every second slams into the interstellar medium – the foundation material of the world. This material heaps up into a comet-like tail that can expand 230 AU from the Sun.

In any case, the genuine size of the Solar System is characterized by the range of its gravity; how far away a question can in any case be said to circle the Sun.

Back to our vehicle similarity for a second. At those separations, it would take you 19 million years to finish the adventure to the edge of the Solar System. Indeed, even NASA’s New Horizons rocket, the quickest question at any point propelled from Earth would require 37,000 years to make the outing.

So you can see Solar System Is Really A Big Space.

This huge space is small part of milky way galaxy which is our home galaxy. There are more than a billions of galaxy with billions of stars tremendous dust,clouds and gases.

Imagine The Size Of Universe Now.

It,s Infinite. Who knows there may exist multiple universe too. Simply we can’t say we are only the living organisms of the universe. Existence of other extraterrestrial organisms may present .

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