According To Purely Electrical Charge Calculations:

Lightning strikes

1. Every lightning strike has around  five billion joules, that is equal to approximately 1,400kWh of energy on the off chance that we expect zero loss in exchange and capacity storage.

2. Lightning strikes over a year are around 1.4 billion, and of those, just around 25 percent are really ground strikes since most (75 percent) are intra-cloud and cloud-cloud, and can’t be tackled. That leaves just 350 million lightning strikes that could be tackled. Additionally, accepting 100 percent tackling of all lightning strikes, no loss in catch, exchange and storage, that is 490,000,000,000kWh/year.

3. In 2009, the world utilized around 20,279,640,000,000kWh – more than multiple times the electrical vitality that all the speculatively outfit capable land strikes contain. Along these lines, fundamentally, all the lightning we can catch will give the world enough power for just nine days!

In any case, there is more. On the off chance that you need to perceive the amount it would cost to do that: To catch every single lightning strike (arrive strikes just) we would no doubt need to put amazingly tall towers (think the Eiffel Tower) around a mile separated in a matrix arrangement covering the whole globe. That is one pinnacle for every one of the relatively 200,000,000sq m of the Earth’s surface.

The gear to catch the electrical vitality in a strike would need to deal with the extraordinary measure of charge in just around 30 milliseconds (surmised length of a lighting strike). To deal with that sort of momentary power, overwhelming conduction poles would should be utilized, with ultra-substantial electrical circuits and capacity super-capacitors.

When we compare, one hour of daylight has a similar measure of vitality that we use in a year! We have significantly more power accessible from the sun and we just need our housetops to aggregate all we require.

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