THE finish is nigh, if some conspiracy theorists are to be believed.

They clam {that a} mysterious planet generally known as Nibiru, or Planet X, is because of near distance from Earth – and it’ll carry all types of drama with it. Here is what the speculation is all about…

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Is Nibiru house to aliens?

Linguist Zecharia Sitchin’s controversial 1976 ebook Twelfth Planet claims that Nibiru is inhabited by an alien race known as the Anunnaki, who’re referred to within the Bible because the Nephilim.

He argued that historic texts claimed that these mysterious house travellers had come to Earth in search of gold and different minerals.

 A group of Christian conspiracy theorists believe Planet X could cause the end of the world

Controversially, he additionally writes that the Anunnaki have been unwilling to do the exhausting work themselves, so create a brand new slave race by mixing their DNA with people‘.

His work varieties the idea of many ‘historic astronaut’ theories, that declare aliens visited the Earth and adjusted the trail of human historical past – least of all by constructing the pyramids.

Sitchin additionally claimed that Nibiru has an elongated orbit across the Solar, which takes 3,600 years.

What different theories are there about Nibiru?

In 1995, Nancy Lieder – a lady who claims to have an implant in her mind from a childhood encounter with aliens – claimed that Nibiru would go intently to Earth in 2003 with terrifying penalties.

She stated that the Earth would cease spinning for precisely 5.9 terrestrial days, earlier than the North and South Poles would bodily transfer, disrupting the planet’s magnetic core and inflicting the crust to separate open throughout the globe.

Nancy even urged individuals to have their pets put to sleep in order that they would not must dwell by means of the horrors and disruption… that by no means occurred.

In 2012, individuals have been on tenterhooks as December 21 approached.

A concept claimed that the Mayans had predicted that this might be the top of civilisation as we all know it – and {that a} crash collision with Nibiru itself would wipe out humanity.

What’s his newest concept concerning the solar, moon and Jupiter?

Meade’s newest claims recommend that on April 23 2018 the solar, moon and Jupiter will align within the constellation Virgo, sparking the start of the biblical Rapture.

He claims that on this night time, the mysterious “dying planet” Nibiru will seem within the sky, triggering the onset of World Warfare III, rise of the Antichrist, and 7 years of Tribulation.

It must be famous that Nibiru remains an unproven entity, with NASA saying the entire concept of it’s nothing greater than a hoax.

 David Meade says the planet could prompt 'the end of the world as we now know it'

Nibiru linked to Hawaii volcano eruption

Meade has now claimed the eruptions of Mount Kilauea just lately are linked to the arrival of the mysterious planet.

He argues that Nibiru’s method weakens the magnetic area of the earth, and on account of Planet X’s gravitational pull, pure disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will turn into widespread in earth.

Meade stated: “Because the Nibiru system approaches, it impacts the magnetic area of our Solar, which straight impacts the Earth’s magnetism. Thus, you may have once-in-a-lifetime occasions equivalent to we’re witnessing in Hawaii.

“We enter right into a scenario or start a course of or journey that’s notably unusual, problematic, tough, complicated, or chaotic, particularly one which turns into more and more in order it develops or unfolds.”

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What does Nibiru imply?

Nibiru is one other title for Planet X, with the Nibiru cataclysm referring to the supposed apocalypse on account of the mysterious planet.

There are just a few variants to the speculation, however all declare that the menacing planet is big and properly on its method in the direction of our Photo voltaic System.

Some suppose it’ll crash straight into Earth, shattering our planet right into a cloud of house mud.

Others declare it’ll scrape previous us, however its dimension will drag the Earth off its axis and into chaos regardless.

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