Well there are many theories as proposed by the scientists and researcher for the formation of Universe. Recently theoretical physicist has proposed another theory about the existence of inverse universe where time appears to move backwards not forwardly.

parallel universe going backwards in time

This universe is believed to be a exact copy of us, so instead of moving from stone age to digital age the timeline will be reversed. This results digital age will be the starting of time and prehistoric will be its end. But now we only know one thing about time that is its keep on moving in forward direction. We just can say the flow of time with comparison with our universe entropy change.

According to second law of thermodynamics  ” For an isolated system disorder has to increase”. So future can be defined as the direction of time where entropy increases.

By studying the motion of the galaxies the prediction can be made for the evolution of such bodies. If we link the entropy before the big bang, then well in this case we can say entropy was in order. After the big bang the entropy or the disorder rapidly increased, however entropy cannot flow backward. It’s like flowing river from north to south. It goes on in forward direction.

Well as we said entropy goes forward only . This will arise a suspect how the universe timeline is reversed then? some scientist has studied in this case. They found when the cloud of particles is released in infinite universe then they found two different entropy emerged. Half particles moves forward while the other half gather at center point before passing through and moving outwards.

This results the nature of time which can be concluded as time is the dimension of both universes.

So, entropy on one side created launch entropy on both sides and create chaos of  lowest entropy in both directions. This create multiverse where entropy can be measured both forward and backwards considering time is a directionless dimensions instead of flowing river.

If we go further on this theory and say if we manage to reach on our earth from that universe then we would predict the future of the earth of that universe because they would be moving towards our past. Similarly they can predict our future too well in this context their past is our future.

However this is just a theory multiples questions arises and many more to be answered. Although this theory suppose to be true then no technology in the earth will manage to travel to another universe.

What do u think?