An alien planet regarded as made largely of diamond could also be lower than glittering inside, new analysis reveals.

The notion of a diamond planet hinges on an abundance of carbon. Just a few years in the past, scientists reported that the star on the middle of a photo voltaic system 40 light-years from our personal had a carbon-to-oxygen ratio better than one.

“This remark helped inspire a paper final yr concerning the innermost planet of the system, the ‘super-Earth’ 55 Cancri e,” College of Arizona astronomy graduate pupil Johanna Teske, defined in an announcement. [See Images of the Strangest Alien Planets]

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Planet 55 Cancri e is what’s referred to as a super-Earth as a result of it’s possible a rocky world orbiting a sun-like star, but it surely has a radius twice as giant as that of our personal planet, and a mass eight occasions better. The recent planet additionally races round its star at such an in depth distance that one yr lasts simply 18 hours.

Drawing on oblique observations of the planet, researchers of the 2012 examine recommended its inside contained extra carbon than oxygen. However in a brand new evaluation, Teske and colleagues discovered that the host star would not seem as carbon-rich as beforehand thought, which could sprint hopes for a diamond-packed 55 Cancri e.

As a substitute of simply utilizing one measure for the distant star’s chemical signatures, Teske’s group averaged totally different indicators of chemical abundance that weren’t thought-about beforehand.

We discover that as a result of this explicit host star is cooler than our Solar and extra metal-rich, the only oxygen line analyzed within the earlier examine to find out the star’s oxygen abundance is extra susceptible to error,”

 Teske defined. “Averaging all of those measurements collectively provides us a extra full image of the oxygen abundance within the star.”


The researchers discovered that the host star may very well comprise almost 25 % extra oxygen than carbon. That is about midway between the carbon ratio of our solar and the ratio recommended by the earlier examine.

“In concept, 55 Cancri e may nonetheless have a excessive carbon to oxygen ratio and be a diamond planet, however the host star doesn’t have such a excessive ratio,” Teske mentioned in an announcement. “So when it comes to the 2 constructing blocks of data used for the preliminary ‘diamond-planet’ proposal — the measurements of the exoplanet and the measurements of the star — the measurements of the star now not confirm that.”

Teske additionally defined that the compositions of planets and stars do not at all times match; the make-up of a planet additionally appears to rely upon planet-forming processes that aren’t totally understood, she mentioned.

Relying on the place 55 Cancri e alien planet fashioned within the protoplanetary disk, its carbon-to-oxygen ratio may differ from that of the host star,” Teske mentioned in an announcement. “It could possibly be greater or decrease. However primarily based on what we all know at this level, 55 Cancri e is extra of a ‘diamond within the tough.'”

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