reasons of spiral shape of milkyway galaxy;

About 33% of known Galaxies are spiral with bulging centers. Astronomers believe that galaxies have spiral arms because galaxies rotate or spin around a central axis – and this is  because of something called “density waves.”

Galactic thickness waves resemble water waves. Water itself doesn’t move over a lake – rather, wave vitality moves and influences the water as it passes. A winding cosmic system’s turn, or turn, twists the waves into spirals. Stars go through the wave as they circle the system focus. The wave makes the stars moderate marginally and briefly bunch together.Results spiral shape milky way galaxy.

Cosmologists have since quite a while ago asked why the winding arms of a Galaxies don’t twist up and vanish after a couple of revolutions. One theory is that a satellite can keep a larger galaxy’s density waves moving indefinitely.

Different procedures may help shape cosmic system winding arms. For instance, cosmic system revolution may spread detonating and shaping stars into a bunchy winding arm. Numerous stargazers believe that there are various procedures that add to making the various types of winding cosmic systems we see.

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