Electric Shock

It relies upon circumstances. In the event that you are on ground and come in contact with the live wire, which make closed circuit as a result you will get electric shocked, seriousness of which relies upon your body condition.

When you are in contact with live wire of 230V (110V in a few nations), a current goes in our body, which meddles with signs in our nerve frameworks. This is the purpose behind stun sensation. Higher the current through body, greater is the sensation.

Seriousness of stun additionally relies upon parts of the body through which the current streams. Most extreme seriousness is the point at which it stream between arms. In wet conditions, body resistance is lower, and seriousness is greatest.

All stated, on the off chance that you contact a live wire with one hand while remaining on a protected stage, flow way isn’t finished and no stun will be felt. This is the reason elastic mats are utilized in powerless places close to a few mains control boards in industry.

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