There are powerful forces that exists in the universe, from man made explosion to mother nature of universe with devastating destruction. From the unbelievable cosmic blast to collapsing stars which reveals universe as lurking palace for destruction.

The cosmos is a place of danger but the most interesting fact is in the Universe there is nothing powerful than the colossal explosion of all that causes Big Bang. It is hard to imagine the universe small than the size of a pin. Whatever the size of the universe was at a beginning which is nearly 14 billions years ago as far we thought it was tiny infinitesimal nugget of space . Then something happen that triggers the big-bang. After big-bang the tiny universe begin on expansion which lead to billions of billions of miles across and still its expanding.

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This colossal blast creates everything all the matters that we see in the universe today and this happened without any sound. Well the Big-bang portrait to seems as big explosion with a big release in noise which is sometimes shown in the movie. But we all know sound doesn’t propagate in space.

So explosion of space and time get into existence after the big-bang . The questions that bothers us is what was before bigbang? There was nothing literally nothing before the big bang and black void of space is something. So whats there before the big-bang or before the time is a meaningless questions. Similarly where the big-bang occurs seems meaningless too because there was no space.

Well at some points of view its not a meaningless question, its just a hard question which the current theory can’t explain.

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